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Vijay Kedia makes Rs 12,06,05,760 in just one day from this multibagger engineering stock, when the company announces a 197% increase in net earnings

Shares of this multibagger engineering company, which was one of the top gainers on the BSE on Friday, increased by 19.05 percent to an intraday high of Rs 675 per share, up from its previous closing of Rs 567 per share. The 52-week high and low for the stock are Rs 328.01 and Rs 851.04, respectively. The company’s shares experienced a four-fold increase in trading on the BSE, and its market capitalization exceeds Rs 700 crore.

Affordable Robotic & Automation Ltd. is the hot stock name right now.

The Pune-based Affordable Robotic & Automation Limited (ARAPL) (BSE: 541402) offers automation solutions to a range of industries, including the government, general, and automotive sectors. They create, produce, and install automated parking solutions, robotic welding systems, and automated warehousing systems. They provide robotic applications for a range of jobs, welding automation project management, and other automated parking systems with choices for yearly maintenance.

Combined Findings

In FY 2024, the company’s financial performance was outstanding, showing notable growth in all important indicators. From Rs 11,400.39 lakh in FY23 to Rs 16,340.41 lakh in FY24, revenue increased by 43%. This robust gain in revenue was translated into an impressive rise in profitability. EBITDA increased by a significant 95%, from Rs 785.04 lakh to Rs 1,533.51 lakh, in the prior year. Following suit, PBT showed a remarkable 133% growth to reach Rs 865.29 lakh from Rs 371.06 lakh in FY23. Ultimately, PAT completed the outstanding performance with an astounding 197% increase, rising from Rs 216.13 lakh in FY23 to Rs 642.74 lakh. The company has an open order book of about Rs 82 crore as of May 30, 2024.

Results on Their Own

All of the major metrics for the company’s standalone financial performance in FY 2024 showed notable growth. From Rs 11,337.24 lakh in FY23 to Rs 15,018.11 lakh in FY24, revenue climbed by 32%. From Rs 1,007.45 lakh to Rs 1,284.49 lakh in the prior year, EBITDA increased by 27%. PBT increased by 38% to reach Rs 829.72 lakh from Rs 602.71 lakh in FY23, maintaining the upward trend. Ultimately, PAT completed the outstanding achievement by growing by 36% to Rs 607.17 lakh from Rs 447.78 lakh in FY23.

As to information available on BSE, seasoned investor Vijay Kedia holds 11,16,720 shares, or 9.93 percent of the firm. Consequently, he made Rs 108 per share from Rs 567 to Rs 675, meaning that he profited Rs 12,06,05,760 from this multibagger engineering stock in just one day (11,16,720 shares x Rs 108 per share).

From its 52-week low of Rs 328.01 per share, the stock produced multibagger returns of 100%, and in just three years, it delivered a staggering 525 percent return. Investors ought to monitor this engineering stock closely.

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