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Disney is not only known for its original creations but also for its strategic acquisitions that have helped shape the company into the entertainment powerhouse it is today. Over the years, Disney has acquired numerous companies, expanding its reach into various sectors and strengthening its position in the global entertainment industry. In this article, we will explore some of the notable companies that Disney has acquired, each contributing its unique magic to the ever-growing Disney universe.

Here is an updated table summarising Disney’s major acquisitions, including the price and industry:

Pixar Animation Studios2006$7.4 billionAnimation
Marvel Entertainment2009$4.24 billionEntertainment
Lucasfilm2012$4.05 billionEntertainment
20th Century Fox2019$71.3 billionFilm and Television
BAMTech2017$1.58 billionStreaming Technology
Hulu (controlling stake)2019$9.26 billionStreaming

These acquisitions have not only expanded Disney’s portfolio but have also allowed the company to diversify its presence in various industries, including animation, entertainment, film and television, and streaming technology. Through these strategic acquisitions, Disney has positioned itself as a dominant force in the global entertainment landscape.

Pixar Animation Studios (2006):

One of Disney’s most significant acquisitions, Pixar Animation Studios brought together two giants of animation. This partnership has produced a string of blockbuster films, including the beloved Toy Story franchise, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, and more. Pixar’s unparalleled storytelling and cutting-edge animation techniques have enriched Disney’s animated offerings and captivated audiences of all ages.

Marvel Entertainment (2009):

The acquisition of Marvel Entertainment gave Disney access to a vast roster of iconic superheroes and expanded its footprint in the realm of superhero films. With Marvel Studios, Disney has released a series of highly successful films, including the Avengers franchise, Iron Man, Thor, and Black Panther. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has become a global phenomenon, delighting fans and setting box office records.

Lucasfilm (2012):

Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm brought the legendary Star Wars franchise into its fold. This partnership has resulted in the continuation of the Star Wars saga, with new films, TV shows, and merchandise captivating fans around the world. With the creation of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at its theme parks, Disney has taken the immersive experience of the Star Wars universe to a whole new level.

20th Century Fox (2019):

The acquisition of 20th Century Fox expanded Disney’s film library and strengthened its position in the film and television industry. This deal brought iconic franchises like X-Men, Deadpool, and Avatar under the Disney umbrella. Additionally, Disney gained control of the Fox television production studio and FX Networks, further diversifying its content offerings.

BAMTech (2017) and Hulu (2019):

Disney’s acquisition of BAMTech and its subsequent investments in Hulu signify its commitment to the streaming industry. BAMTech’s technology powers Disney+, the company’s highly successful streaming service that offers a vast library of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars content. By gaining a controlling stake in Hulu, Disney expanded its presence in the streaming market, providing a platform for more mature and diverse content.


Disney’s acquisitions have played a crucial role in expanding its magical universe and solidifying its position as a global entertainment leader. Through strategic partnerships and investments, Disney has gained access to iconic franchises, cutting-edge technology, and a wider audience base. Each acquisition has brought unique storytelling, beloved characters, and innovative experiences to the Disney brand. As Disney continues to grow and evolve, these acquired companies will undoubtedly contribute to the magic and enchantment that audiences worldwide have come to associate with the Disney name.

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