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Companies Acquired By Amazon

Companies acquired by Amazon

Amazon, the e-commerce giant founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994, has grown into one of the world’s most influential and diversified technology companies. Its innovative ventures have extended far beyond online retail, encompassing cloud computing, entertainment, artificial intelligence, and more. In this blog, we’ll explore the top 10 companies that fall under the expansive umbrella of Amazon.

Amazon’s meteoric rise from an online bookstore to a global tech powerhouse has been nothing short of remarkable. It has disrupted traditional industries, introduced cutting-edge technologies, and consistently expanded its reach into new markets. This expansion has often taken the form of acquisitions and the creation of subsidiary companies.

The top 10 companies owned by Amazon encompass various sectors, including entertainment, e-commerce, artificial intelligence, and space exploration. Let’s delve into these companies and their significance.

Here’s a table summarizing the key acquisitions by Amazon along with their respective acquisition prices:

CompanyYearDescriptionAcquisition Price (Approx.)
Zappos2009Online shoe and clothing retailer$1.2 billion
Twitch2014Live streaming platform for gaming and esports$970 million
Whole Foods Market2017Grocery store chain known for organic products$13.7 billion
Ring2018Smart home security company$1 billion
PillPack2018Pharmacy and medication delivery service$753 million
IMDb1998Online database of films and TV contentAcquired early, price undisclosed
Audible2008Audiobook and spoken-word entertainment service$300 million
Amazon Web Services (AWS)2006Cloud computing platformAcquired early, price undisclosed
Blue Origin2000Aerospace manufacturer and spaceflight servicesAcquired early, price undisclosed

Please note that some acquisition prices, especially for earlier acquisitions like IMDb and AWS, are undisclosed or may vary depending on the source.

  1. Zappos (2009)

Description: An online shoe and clothing retailer known for its customer-centric approach.

Significance: The acquisition allowed Amazon to tap into the online footwear and fashion market, complementing its existing offerings.

2. Twitch (2014)

Description: A live streaming platform primarily focused on video games and esports.

Significance: Twitch has become a major player in the gaming industry, providing Amazon with a platform for live streaming and gaming-related content.

3. Whole Foods Market (2017)

Description: A chain of grocery stores known for its organic and natural food products.

Significance: The acquisition marked Amazon’s entry into the brick-and-mortar grocery retail space, allowing it to bridge the gap between online and offline shopping.

4. Ring (2018)

Description: A smart home security company offering video doorbells and security cameras.

Significance: Amazon’s foray into the home security market has enhanced its smart home ecosystem and bolstered its delivery services through features like Amazon Key.

5. PillPack (2018)

Description: A pharmacy and medication delivery service.

Significance: The acquisition streamlined Amazon’s entry into the healthcare sector by simplifying the prescription fulfillment process.

6. IMDb (1998)

Description: An online database of films, television programs, and celebrities.

Significance: IMDb remains a popular resource for movie and TV enthusiasts and complements Amazon’s entertainment offerings.

7. Audible (2008)

Description: An audiobook and spoken-word entertainment service.

Significance: Amazon expanded its presence in the audiobook market, offering customers a wide selection of audio content.

8. Amazon Web Services (AWS) (2006)

Description: A leading cloud computing platform providing various services to individuals and businesses.

Significance: AWS has become a cornerstone of Amazon’s business, serving as a major revenue generator and supporting various online services.

9. Blue Origin (2000)

Description: An aerospace manufacturer and spaceflight services company.

Significance: Blue Origin, founded by Jeff Bezos, focuses on advancing human space travel and exploration, aligning with Bezos’s vision for the future.


Amazon’s strategic acquisitions have played a pivotal role in its growth from an online bookstore to a global technology and retail giant. These companies have not only expanded Amazon’s product and service offerings but have also allowed it to enter new markets and industries.

As Amazon continues to evolve and innovate, its acquisitions will likely remain a key part of its strategy. The company’s ability to identify and integrate promising ventures into its ecosystem has been central to its success in remaining at the forefront of the ever-changing tech and retail landscape.

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